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Learn to Ride Program

1,2,3 Ride!

An introduction to horseback riding with Earthbound Stables


Earthbound Stables is offering a 1,2,3 Ride program that is all about having fun, developing good posture and having an excellent understanding of horses and horsemanship. Earthbound instructors provide an enjoyable and positive learning experience incorporating games and fun activities into the lesson plans. All of the horses and ponies at Earthbound are gentle natured and are experienced with all levels of riders.

Lesson Information


Lesson One:

In Barn – Horsemanship

  • Basic barn and arena safety and rules
  • Horse behaviour (body language)
  • How to lead a horse

In Arena – Mounted

  • Review of Safety Rules while riding;
  • Mounting and dismounting
  • Focus on riders correct position
  • Introduction to walking and halting (1,2,3 exercise)


Lesson Two:

In Barn – Horsemanship

  • Basic grooming & tacking
  • Identifying parts of a horse
  • Learning about markings and colours

In Arena – Mounted

  • Riders will learn to use their legs, hands and eyes while steering
  • Drawing Exercise – Riders will practice drawing shapes and figures around the arena


Lesson Three:

In Barn – Horsemanship

  • Learning and care of tack
  • How and what to feed horses

In Arena – Mounted

  • Navigation Exercise – Riders will learn how to change directions
  • Introduction to trotting with assistance


Lesson Four:

In Barn – Horsemanship

  • Bathing and cleaning a horse

In Arena – Mounted

  • Obstacle Exercise – Riders will learn how to steer through an obstacle course of pylons and poles.
  • Riders will do more trotting with assistance.

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